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If you are interested in making an investment in real estate, you should search for developing areas that are well on their way to becoming full-fledged destinations.

Because San Vicente is not even close to being fully developed, real property prices have not even come close to reaching their value.

In fact, there are still many properties available outside of the Long Beach area, and the prices for these properties are lower.

It is not too late to acquire the remaining lots that are still available.

The depressing reality is that the average annual interest rate offered by banks for savings accounts and deposits is less than one percent. If you have at least one million dollars sitting in the bank, you will still be required to pay taxes on that amount, which is less than ten thousand pesos per year. That activity is known as banking!

Do you know that beachfront properties in San Vicente are selling at a price of ₱200,000 per hectare approximately twenty years ago? Long Beach real estate currently sells for anywhere between ₱20,000 and ₱27,000 yen per square meter, depending on the location. If you were able to purchase a plot of land measuring one hectare (or 10,000 square meters) in the past for the price of ₱200,000, its current selling price would be somewhere between ₱200,000,000 and ₱270,000,000!!! That kind of activity is known as real estate investing.

Back in the 1980s, beachfront properties on Boracay were going for between ₱2,500 and ₱5,000 pesos (or dollars) per square meter. Now, one square meter costs more than one hundred thousand pesos!

Investing in real estate has been shown to be a form of investment that is low-risk but high-yielding, and its value continues to rise despite both inflation and the pandemic!

Rice field properties back then were selling for ₱200,000 per hectare. That was ten years ago. At this time, the price per square meter can range anywhere from ₱500 to ₱1,000, depending on the location at the back of the Long Beach area! So, if you were able to purchase a rice field of 10,000 square meters in the past for the price of ₱200,000, the current selling price of that same rice field would be somewhere between ₱5,000,000 and ₱10,000,000, depending on the location.


Do you know that Megaworld was successful in selling all of its first batch of commercial lots in Paragua Coastown in the previous year (2022) at a price of more than ₱40,000 per square meter? This is during the pre-selling phase, and it’s “lot only”!

Another Piece of Random Information!

Do you know that before Megaworld launched Paragua Coastown, some of the nearby properties were selling at prices ranging from ₱2,500 to ₱3,000 per square meter on an annual basis? Following the aforementioned launch, the prices of many different lots in Kemdeng immediately increased to ₱5,000 per square meter, depending on the location.

Think about where your investment could go if you invested in San Vicente!

It is teeming with so many investors that sooner or later, their respective projects and developments will get off the ground!

And San Vicente is bursting at the seams with possibilities and opportunities!