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San Vicente

— the home of the longest white sand beach in the Philippines, featuring approximately 14.7 kilometers of shoreline stretch of white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and a scenic view of the horizon!

Long Beach San Vicente Palawan Philippines

Long Beach

Long Beach is a 3-cove beach in the Philippines, stretching an impressive 14.7 kilometers and spanning four barangays within the Municipality of San Vicente, namely Poblacion, New Agutaya, San Isidro, and Alimanguan.

Strategically located between two top tourist attractions in mainland Palawan, the El Nido and the Puerto Princesa Underground River, Long Beach can make your vacation a relaxing and memorable experience.

Declared as a Flagship TEZ (Tourism Enterprise Zone) by TIEZA in 2015, major real estate developers, big investors, and hotel operators flocked to San Vicente to own a piece of what is dubbed “the next Boracay.”

Port Barton San Vicente Palawan


Binga San Vicente Palawan

San Vicente Palawan

San Vicente, while relatively underrated, is quite known for its pristine beaches, clear blue waters that are home to beautiful coral reefs, and a good collection of untouched waterfalls. In addition, San Vicente, Palawan, is also home to its San Vicente Airport, making it an optimal and strategic tourist location, serving as a significant gateway to two of Palawan’s most popular tourist spots, El Nido and the Underground River.

Although lacking public coverage, San Vicente has been designated First Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone (TEZ) in the country and is recognized as an Eco-Town municipality.
The municipality covers a total land area of 165,797.6525 hectares and comprises ten barangays. San Vicente lies 186 kilometers northwest of the famous city of Puerto Princesa, the capital town of Palawan.

Palawan is a province under Region IV-B (MIMAROPA), also known as the Southern Tagalog Region. It is found in the southwest area of the Philippines.

San Vicente Palawan

Top Tourist Attractions

Long Beach

Long Beach is, as its name suggests, really long!

It’s the longest beach in the Philippines and one of the longest white sand beaches in Asia.

Get the bragging rights to become one of the first visitors of this underrated travel destination before it gets developed.

Long Beach San Vicente Palawan
Long Beach Philippines

Port Barton

Port Barton is the island-hopping center of San Vicente.

It has a lot to offer – from white sand beaches to stunning islands, white sand beaches, clear blue waters, beautiful coral reefs, and fantastic waterfalls. Name it!

Port Barton Philippines
Port Barton

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The Long Beach was declared as a Flagship TEZ (Tourism Enterprise Zone) by the Tourism Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) – the infrastructure development arm of the Department of Tourism.


Kemdeng is home to the first township development project in San Vicente, the Paragua Coastown by Megaworld.

Want to own a piece of San Vicente?

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The world’s most beautiful island, according to polls, is Palawan. It has some of the richest underwater life in the world as well as world-class beaches and breathtaking natural wonders. Puerto Princesa and Coron are popular destinations in Palawan, which annually draw millions of tourists to its crystal-clear waters. An estimated 4.40 billion dollars in total revenue are generated by Palawan.

A brand-new destination in Palawan is now welcoming new opportunities. Three hours away from Puerto Princesa is San Vicente, a new tourist destination and uncharted paradise. The Philippines’ new source of pride as a well-known tourist destination is San Vicente.

San Vicente is a distinguished municipality that provides travelers with a singular experience by fusing nature, culture, and contemporary lifestyle in one destination. Numerous investors are drawn to the world-class shores of San Vicente, which draws tens of thousands of tourists each year. With a domestic airport in San Vicente, business is growing, with a number of island resorts, pension homes, business centers, telecommunication, and energy providers already in operation. Both tourism arrivals and revenue are anticipated to rise.

The investment potential is limitless, from its coastal assets to its mountainous heights.



The San Vicente Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone will be developed on an 883-hectare parcel of land along San Vicente’s long beach. With its distinctive 14.7-kilometer coast, the longest in the Philippines, it is a slice of paradise. Three areas have been divided for development in Long Beach.

An important catalyst of the municipality-wide growth is the San Vicente Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone.

The development of the flagship TEZ will be guided by twelve green sustainable development principles: infrastructure, manufacturing, sustainable development, purchasing, employment, jobs, transportation, interior design, furniture, and urban planning. This is done to promote agritourism, local community empowerment, eco-friendly urbanism, and economic growth and sustainability. 

The Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone is intended to be a thriving tourism hub that offers visitors a variety of services and goods and showcases San Vicente’s natural and cultural assets.

Four growth centers with specialized themes will be divided within the development.

Cluster 1

Sun and beach ecotourism will be the main focus of cluster one. The high-income market will be the focus of these developments. This cluster will focus on leisure and relaxation at the beach, retirement tourism, cruises, and eco-nautical tourism.

Cluster 2

For middle-class markets, Cluster 2 will serve as the focal point for adventure marine sports and entertainment. Here, the emphasis is on investment opportunities in retail and adventure dining.

Cluster 3

The indigenous people of San Vicente is in Cluster 3. This area will also be developed for Agri-tourism in addition to beach activities.

Cluster 4

Specifically for the high-income market, Cluster 4 will be developed. Highly upscale resorts will frequent this region.

The 14-kilometer Long Beach in cluster one is the TEZ’s top priority center for development. Beach resorts, mountain resorts, second homes and retirement villas, agritourism areas, business hotels, community centers, parks and recreation areas, mixed-use commercial buildings, and a boat dock are among the future developments in Cluster 1.

In order to accommodate the anticipated demand from visitor arrivals in cluster 1, more than 160 000 rooms are needed.

To make San Vicente a perfect Flagship TEZ, basic infrastructure support is also needed. Airport facilities, highways, roads, flood mitigation, power generation, telecommunications, water distribution facilities, sewerage treatment plants, modular docking facilities, and lodging and accommodations are just a few examples.

A 50-meter beach setback rule must be followed by all developments.

Only non-permanent structures will be allowed within the 30 to 50-meter developable area.

The maximum building height is 6 to 20 meters, with a building-to-open space ratio of 50:50.

Road networks, coastal roads, and water transportation infrastructure are needed to support these developments and provide various entry points to the TEZ.

The San Vicente Airport will open as the entrance to El Nido, which is a lot closer than Puerto Princesa.

Every 400 meters, esplanades and boardwalks are planned as access points to the beach.

Any investment made in the TEZ’s development will spur overall San Vicente growth.

Basic infrastructure will be funded by the government, and it may also provide incentives to encourage private investment.

There are many exciting opportunities in the San Vicente Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone.